Our values

Times may change, but some things stay the same.

Executive selection & assessment, psd group

People have always been at the core of our company and always will be. We know that their commitment, skill, ambition and focus are our most valuable assets and our clients’ most powerful resource.

We pride ourselves on promoting open, co-operative working relationships and effective knowledge-sharing, and insist on a culture of honesty and mutual respect across all psd‘s specialist teams.

psd‘s training and career development programmes are best-in-class. We believe all our team members should have every opportunity to grow and flourish – both realising their own potential and sharing in the company’s continued success.

True to our roots, psd is an unashamedly aspirational enterprise: we want the very best for all our stakeholders, both inside and outside the business. And that starts with a happy, fulfilled, highly motivated and deeply valued workforce.

psd has 6 core values that define our relationships with each other and the wider world:


Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. Our priority is always to listen to clients, candidates and colleagues – focusing on the needs of others, and fostering a climate of openness and trust. When we listen, we discover fresh perspectives and ideas; we find different approaches to problem-solving, and new ways to succeed. To be open-minded is to learn and grow.


Open interaction with clients, candidates and colleagues elevates all who work at psd. It demonstrates engagement with each other and the world beyond our desks. Being accessible means opening the door to others and declaring our readiness to share knowledge and insights. We’re stronger and more successful when we work together.


Commitment cuts both ways. Everyone at psd knows that taking responsibility, working harder for clients and delivering above and beyond are mandatories. But they also understand the company’s commitment to them. psd‘s staff development and training programmes are best-in-class, and designed to enable everyone to become the best they can possibly be.


There’s no one-size-fits-all at psd. Every client and candidate is different, so while our operating guidelines inform the way we work and interact, we must be sufficiently agile to flex and adapt to the specific needs of each. Our goal is always to find the most appropriate and effective solution to every assignment. Being adaptable is creativity in action.


None of us is an island. Interdependence and mutual reliance are what define great teams. While we can achieve great things as individuals, it’s only by working in partnership – treating each other with respect and communicating honestly; leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise – that we come to discover what’s truly possible.


What does success look like? At psd we define success not simply in terms of what has been achieved, but how. Clients need to know they can rely on us to deliver for them and protect their reputation; candidates must be able to count on our judgement and integrity. Real success means being highly effective while staying true to our values. It means being honest and reliable. It means being proud of ourselves and each other. It means being proud to be part of psd.