About us

With unique expertise, full international capability, and world-class service, psd is a true leader in executive recruitment – and a trusted partner to today’s most successful companies.

About psd

Founded from a consortium of specialist consultancies in 1991, psd group has grown to encompass a team of more than 50 executive recruitment consultants. Our company is configured to provide the talent, scale, knowledge, and connectivity demanded by dynamic, fast-moving, ambitious businesses – of all sizes.

At the core of psd is a unique operational matrix that brings together a broad range of commercial sectors, specialist practices and services. With a client roster that ranges from local start-ups to global corporations, we recruit senior executives across more industries, in more countries, at more levels, and in more ways, than any other consultancy.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, too. We go deeper. We search smarter. We apply the highest standards of professionalism across the board, so that whether you’re hiring or applying, the experience is as positive as we can possibly make it – and the results speak for themselves.

And of course, knowing that any organisation is only as good as its people, we make sure we work with the best of the best. Each of our consultants offers true specialist counsel, up-to-the-minute insight, and a wealth of hyper-relevant expertise to both clients and candidates.

Words are easy to come by. Standing for something is harder.

You hear lots about values these days. Maybe it’s not surprising – everyone looks for reassurance in such turbulent, uncertain, hugely competitive times.

psd has always been clear about the standard it aspires to, and the six principles that drive our companyOpen-minded, Accessible, Committed, Adaptable, Partners and Successful – are the same today as the day we were founded. They define our relationships with each other and the outside world. They offer a framework for the services we offer. They provide a constant compass on our journey.

Everyone at psd knows that it’s only by living up to our values that we will remain the confident, enlightened, successful business we were created to be. Our values underpin the bond of trust between us and our clients. And you’ll see them in the work we do – day in, day out.

We make it our business to know your business.

To really deliver on each client’s aspirations, we understand how important it is to get under the skin of their organisation; its mission and purpose, culture and challenges.

psd is organised into highly specialist teams that offer genuine depth of knowledge in each sector and market. And our matrix structure enables us to pinpoint the best candidates for every role quickly and effectively.

psd‘s focus on executive, management and board-level appointments means we offer real expertise in these areas – and with over 30 years of operational experience to draw on, both clients and candidates benefit from the highest levels of reassurance throughout the search and recruitment process.

But we’re always learning, too – after all, Open-Minded is one of our core values! We see every assignment as a two-way street, and we know that it’s only by constantly listening to clients and candidates that we’ll continue to grow and develop our own knowledge base, while helping them to achieve ever-greater things.

The world has shrunk. So we’ve grown.

Psd‘s international executive recruitment capability and the technology we use is designed for the globalised economy.

Not only are we able to field bespoke trans-national teams to support global clients with their individual requirements, psd‘s integrated technology platform enables us to search among our network of more than 1.5 million contacts around the world – immediately pinpointing those currently on the market, and identifying new targets.

psd‘s cutting-edge infrastructure and unrivalled connectivity – coupled with on-the-ground, in-market knowledge – is a powerful combination. Our ability to locate the best candidates and most relevant skills – accurately, and at speed – takes global search to a new level, and gives today’s fast-moving businesses the edge.

Everybody’s different. We treat them exactly the same.

For over 30 years, psd has been synonymous with senior recruitment excellence. How? The answer’s simple, but goes to the heart of what we are as a company and who we are as a team.

The commitment we make to delivering for clients across every sector is reflected in the commitment we give to all our stakeholders. Just as we know that clients’ requirements are always different, so we never lose sight of the fact that each of our staff is an individual, with unique talents and ambitions.

psd continues to invest in professional and personal development as a top priority, and our industry-leading levels of staff retention and satisfaction (nearly 95% would recommend us as exemplary employers) are testament to this.