InFocus: Simplifying the Complexity

04/06/2019By Stefan Ciecierski
Welcome to the psd InFocus Summer 2019 edition, in which we share market insight and knowledge from industry experts and thought leaders within our network.

In our latest edition of the InFocus Michael Rossman, Founder of, examines the power of data in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).  Anthony Wagerman, former CEO of Travelex, reflects on his own digital transformation experience, and reveals the lessons learnt along the way. Lastly, Eve Weatherburn, Founder of Brand Journey, looks at the importance of the employer brand experience in today’s global business world, in which attracting and retaining top talent is an ever-increasing challenge.

Michael talks about “simplifying the complexity” which is a phrase that can be applied to all three of our InFocus articles. Some very simple ideas have been enabled by technology but also challenge us daily.  psd has worked with clients ranging from local start-ups to global corporations for nearly 30 years, and in these days of full employment and constant change, the recruitment landscape has never been so challenging.  Our key strength is our unique operational matrix – each of our commercial sectors and  specialist practices work together to deliver solutions from complementary sectors.

Hiring leaders is often part of a program of change rather than merely a replacement, and it can be challenging to not only define what it is that the new hire should be able to do, but also how to support them. There is courage necessary when you are investing in change, and it is vital to support employer branding to create cohesive communities which are crucial to success.

Many thanks to Michael Rossman, Anthony Wagerman and Eve Weatherburn for their insightful perspectives.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Power of Data

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is fundamentally about the ownership, transportation and manipulation of data and how it is used to drive productivity.

Many A True Word.. A Digital Transformation Journey

Anthony Wagerman talks to psd about his own digital transformation experience, and the lessons learnt from the challenges faced along the way.

How to Design Your Employer Brand Experience

Attracting and retaining excellent talent continues to be an ever-increasing challenge.  In today’s global business environment, it’s just as important to design your employer brand experience as it is your consumer brand experience. 

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