InFocus – Emerging Technologies and the New Tech Talent

Emerging technologies demand new skills sets. The sheer number of technological capabilities and specialisms is vast – and growing every day.  New technology trends in business increasingly present both enormous opportunities and challenges.
Executive Recruitment in Sport | Technology & IT Case study | psd group

In this edition of the psd InFocus we look at the trends in technology that are impacting how today’s forward-looking businesses will attract talent, opening opportunities to search for new skills and fresh thinking.

Giles Morrison, Director of psd Technology, looks at emerging technologies such as AI, data and cyber-security that are redefining the new skills sets which have the potential to have the biggest impact on technology departments and the businesses they enhance.

Cyr Cornberg, Director of psd’s contracting Technology and Change practice, reveals what skills are in demand in the current technology and business change market, and where we expect to see the most activity over the next 12 months.

Kit Taylor, Head of psd Sport, shares insights into recruiting the right talent to drive growth and innovation, in an industry in which technology is redefining the business landscape and organisations are needing to adapt faster than ever.