InFocus: Hiring Post Brexit

11/03/2017By Francesca Robinson
In this edition of psd’s InFocus, four of the Group’s Division Managing Directors: Stefan Ciecierski, Gail Danvers, Lesley Reynolds and Peter Hardy share their highlights from 2016 and their views on the recruitment landscape for 2017.

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of psd InFocus.

As a leading International Executive Recruitment Group, our unique combination of sector and functional expertise positions us well to oversee and comment on the issues effecting hiring trends in our specialist markets.

Uncertainty clouding the eventual outcome of Brexit has undoubtedly added caution to hiring plans and decisions in many organisations. However the acute shortage of high quality talent available at all levels is evident in all of our core markets, Technology & Media, Hospitality, Leisure & Sport, Banking and Financial Services, and Property & Construction. As a result, recruitment at Board, management and executive level remains a priority for leadership teams everywhere.

Building a strong employer brand, driving staff engagement and supporting diversity and inclusion are all equally pressing issues for organisations in the design and successful execution of their 2017 hiring plans.

The arrival of a new psd InFocus always provides me with a welcome opportunity to thank our many clients and candidates around the world for their continued commitment and support. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us and we hugely value the partnerships that we have built with you over the years.

I am pleased to report that psd continues to go from strength to strength winning and successfully completing some of the most important hiring projects in our specialist markets. Our reputation for outstanding recruitment services continues to grow and our International reach enabled us to complete assignments in 77 different countries during the last few years.

I hope you enjoy reading these recruitment overviews and I look forward to receiving your thoughts and comments.


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About the author

Francesca Robinson

Executive Chair

Francesca has been Executive Chair of psd group since 2010 and is responsible for the company's strategy and leadership. Francesca has over 30 years' experience running both public and private recruitment businesses. She led the successful management buyout of psd group in 2010.