InFocus: Emerging Payment Technologies

15/10/2018By Paul Philpott
Welcome to the Autumn 2018 edition of psd’s Payment Technologies InFocus, in which we share pieces focusing on biometric smart cards, digital transformation and the future of fintechs.
Payment Technology

psd’s InFocus gives us the chance to share market insight and knowledge from within our network.  In this edition we look at Payment Technologies and we are very pleased to have gathered valuable insights from business leaders who bring us three distinct perspectives in B2B Payments, from both Card & Non Card environments.

Antonio D’Albore, smart card advisor and Editor in Chief of Embedded Security News, shares his insight into biometric smart cards – the latest technology applied to payment cards designed to solve issues around security, ease of use and more.

We are grateful to Anthony Wagerman, former CEO of Travelex, for his reflections on his own digitalization journey, revealing what he learnt from the challenges faced along the way, and highlighting what it takes for a business to undergo a successful digital transformation.

As we await the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the next few months will be crucial for the future of UK fintechs. Head of Strategic Business Development for Bottomline Technologies, Marcus Hughes, is a fintech expert. He talks about the four key elements for fintechs to survive and thrive in the UK’s booming and competitive market.

Thank you to Antonio, Anthony and Marcus for their insightful and valuable contributions. We hope you enjoy reading the articles and we look forward to hearing your views and comments. Should you wish to discuss recruitment requirements for your business, please get in touch with our team of Payments Specialists.


The Rise of Biometric Payment Cards

Antonio D’Albore talks to psd about biometric smart cards – the latest technology applied to payment cards.

Many A True Word.. A Digital Transformation Journey

Anthony Wagerman talks to psd about his own digital transformation experience, and the lessons learnt from the challenges faced along the way.

Four Key Elements for Fintech’s to Survive in a Competitive and Booming UK Market

Marcus Hughes talks to psd about the four key elements for Fintechs to survive post Brexit.

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