InFocus: Getting Back to Business

In our latest edition of InFocus, we look at getting back to business and navigating the realities of a ‘new normal’ world.

It’s a crisis that has impacted individuals, businesses and communities as never before, and the long-term legacy of Covid-19 is a constant topic of conversation.

In this edition, we explore the future of work and bring you helpful insights into mental health & wellbeing, leadership during a crisis, and how to thrive as we emerge into a new world. We share the views of experienced business leaders, operational and human resources specialists, with advice based in today’s reality.

We hope you enjoy reading.


Is Leadership Different in a New Normal World?

In times of crisis, leadership is more important than ever. But what does leadership look like in a new normal world? Stuart Metcalfe shares his observations on how leaders can provide stability and surety in times of turmoil.

Tackling Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Hospitality Industry

Mental health and well-being is a huge concern for the hospitality industry. Tackling it is not just the right thing to do, but will benefit the industry in the long term.

Striving to Thrive in the New Normal – Sharing What We’ve Learned

Tim Savage, Chief Anthropologist, reflects on the future of work and what we have learned from our collective experiences as both individuals and companies.

Executive Insights – Interview with Kevin Osterhaus, Ennismore

In our latest Executive Insights interview, Kevin Osterhaus tells us about the creative new initiatives to not only expand the brand’s reach, but to connect and support team members through challenging times.