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01/06/2019By Peter Hardy
In this edition of the psd HR InFocus we present four very interesting perspectives from HR leaders, focusing on employer brand experience, HR digital transformation, emotional connection in the workplace, and work-life balance.
Human Resources

In this edition of the HR InFocus, Eve Weatherburn, Founder of Brand Journey, looks at the importance of the employer brand experience in today’s global business world, in which attracting and retaining top talent is an ever-increasing challenge.

We talk to Aseem Kapoor, Corporate HR Director for the Emaar Hospitality Group, about key initiatives to drive employee engagement and the launch of two Artificiality Intelligent Chatbots as part of the digital transformation strategy.

Beth Aarons, Global Director of the Dorchester Collection Academy, considers the importance of emotional connection in the workplace, and reveals how employees can be taught to create true emotional connections, driving employee engagement and exceptional customer service levels.

Work-life balance is a frequent topic of conversation. psd‘s Global Head of HR, Peter Hardy, weighs in on the inexorable march towards work-life balance, and the fluid workforce that will inevitably dominate organisations in years to come.

psd‘s HR executive recruitment practice has been established for over 20 years. We recruit board, management and executive professionals globally across all industry sectors. The regular publishing of our HR InFocus gives us the opportunity to share insights from business leaders and HR experts from within our network. We hope that you enjoy these articles and we look forward to hearing your views and comments.


How to Design Your Employer Brand Experience

Attracting and retaining excellent talent continues to be an ever-increasing challenge.  In today’s global business environment, it’s just as important to design your employer brand experience as it is your consumer brand experience. 

The Digital Transformation of HR – Interview with Aseem Kapoor, Corporate HR Director, EHG

Aseem Kapoor chats to psd about structuring the Human Resource function for Emaar Hospitality Group.

Can Emotional Connection Be Taught?

Beth Aarons considers emotional connection and the link with customer service and employee engagement.

The March Towards Work-Life Balance

At the forefront of the flexible working agenda, HR is best placed to advise businesses on the march towards flexible working hours and work-life balance.

About the author

Peter Hardy

Managing Director

Peter is Head of psd‘s global HR practice, recruiting senior and board level positions across all sectors.

Peter also leads psd‘s work in the Property & Construction sector. He recruits senior and board level positions in development, construction, fund management, private equity, property services, PRS and affordable housing.