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11/06/2019By Lesley Reynolds
Welcome to the psd Hospitality InFocus Summer 2019 edition, in which we share market insight and knowledge from industry experts and thought leaders within our network.

In our latest edition of the Hospitality InFocus, Eve Weatherburn, Founder of Brand Journey, looks at the importance of the employer brand experience in today’s global business world, in which attracting and retaining top talent is an ever-increasing challenge.

Michael Rossman, Founder of, examines the power of data, and how it is used to drive productivity – revealing where new opportunities lie in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Effective listening skills are the cornerstone of excellent customer service, but listening effectively is a skill that takes practice.  Ed Clark, Training Director at Hop Training Ltd, explains the Three Levels of Listening theory.

Many thanks to Eve Weatherburn, Michael Rossman and Ed Clark for their insightful perspectives.

The Hotels, Leisure & Travel practice at psd continues to grow, and in these unsettled times we are mindful of our need to adapt and respond to current market requirements. Our key strength is how each of our specialist practices and services work together to deliver solutions from complementary sectors.  We have recently worked on a number of roles in collaboration with our Technology and Property colleagues which have enabled us to pinpoint and deliver candidate solutions quickly and effectively.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles and we look forward to your views and comments. Should you wish to contribute to a future Hospitality InFocus, do get in touch.


How to Design Your Employer Brand Experience

Attracting and retaining excellent talent continues to be an ever-increasing challenge.  In today’s global business environment, it’s just as important to design your employer brand experience as it is your consumer brand experience. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Power of Data

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is fundamentally about the ownership, transportation and manipulation of data and how it is used to drive productivity.

Listening: the Practice and the Art

Listening is the cornerstone of excellent customer service. Listening effectively is hard and, like any other skill, it takes patience and practice.

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Lesley Reynolds | executive recruiter

Lesley Reynolds

Managing Director – Hotels, Leisure & Travel

Lesley is Global Sector Head and MD of psd‘s Hotel, Hospitality, Leisure & Travel sectors which delivers at board, senior executive and management level on a global basis. She is very active personally delivering executive search and senior assignments across these sectors.