Research, Mapping & Benchmarking

Insight equals advantage in today’s ultra-competitive recruitment environment.

Recruitment research, candidate mapping & benchmarking, psd

psd‘s advice, recruitment research and recommendations to clients are supported by a wealth of proprietary research and insight.

Recruitment Research
Market auditing, salary surveys, sector analysis, trend forecasting, and scenario planning are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that our consultants maintain the deepest understanding of every client’s business and market context – enabling psd to achieve maximum effectiveness in hiring strategies and processes. We are also able to offer bespoke research services to individual clients on request.

Detailed candidate mapping exercises provide clients with up-to-date employment market data to support both their immediate recruitment needs and inform future hiring strategies.

Executive benchmarking plays an essential role in supporting clients’ recruitment decisions, allowing both internal and external candidates to be evaluated on a “like for like” basis, and employers to make the best-informed decisions.

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