Ebony James

Ebony James – Consultant


Ebony is a Consultant in psd’s Banking & Financial Services and Professional Services Practices, specialising in compliance, risk, analytics, legal and corporate governance positions.

Having completed her Law degree at The University of Westminster, Ebony began her career in recruitment within Finance in London before relocating back to Manchester.

Good representation is key no matter what the industry.  As a recruiter, I have the ability to consult with my clients effectively, giving them insights on the market while passionately representing my candidates, ensuring a great service is delivered.

What clients say

Ebony has been a breath of fresh air to partner with, from the moment she approached me she has been professional, polite and friendly. Ebony kept in close contact with me, offering market insights and was always keen to hear about our company, culture and future plans, during these regular catch ups Ebony was also keen to share information around diversity and this was a focus for ICE at that time so she kept me engaged with relevant content and innovative ideas.

When I had an executive level role to release for 3rd party support Ebony was at the fore front of my mind and was one of the first external recruiters that I reached out to. She worked hard over the Christmas holidays to ensure timely delivery of a strong quality shortlist of candidates. She was available to speak with me (often out of hours) and kept her candidates engaged in a slow moving process.

The quality of the candidates that made it to final interview was exceptional and the candidate that was offered had an extremely high level of experience around market regulations underpinned with a trading background and strong academics and was also a great culture fit for us. He had been briefed at every point and performed remarkably well at every interview and his feedback was shared with us immediately after. Even down to making the offer, which Ebony and I extended formally together this was a wonderful partnership and I would not hesitate to recommend Ebony across the whole of our business, this has truly been a pleasure and long may this partnership continue.