IT Director – National Sports Governing Body

Executive Recruitment in Sport | Technology & IT Case study | psd group

The brief

The brief was extensive and covered a broad spectrum – including behaviours, technologies, innovation, leadership qualities and customer focus.

The organisation had a longstanding commitment to driving participation and access which had not translated into a consistent IT strategy and the department had the challenge to improve its reputation, performance and service delivery. The board took the opportunity to invest in a new IT Director to sit on the leadership team, a move designed to elevate the performance and profile of IT as well as introduce greater innovation. The organisation had tried to target suitable candidates through direct channels, but did not feel they were attracting the right calibre of applicant.

The solution

psd worked closely with the senior management team to take a detailed brief. Allowing for multiple viewpoints and providing advice on the technology leadership marketplace, psd advised on ways of attracting senior candidates, the importance of a clear proposition and what levels of expertise could be expected at various salary points.

Having developed a deep understanding of the client’s culture and priorities, psd conducted a thorough search for candidates from the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. The process included interviewing candidates, seeking informal references and presenting these findings to the client for an open discussion.

The results

psd was able to identify and engage an outstanding candidate from the hospitality sector who offered the governing body a superb blend of experience around technology, leadership and business engagement. The candidate had a long track record of service at a well-established hospitality business and we collaborated closely with the client to ensure the opportunity was presented appropriately and a balanced insight into the business at all levels from CEO to technology team was offered to the prospective IT Director.

psd helped the candidate and client manage the offer, resignation, transition and induction process and continues to offer support to the IT Director as the new technology strategy is being formulated and delivered.


Business Sector: Sport, Technology
Specialist Practice: Technology & Change