CEO – Ritz Club

The brief

psd‘s Hotel, Leisure & Travel team was appointed to undertake the search for the CEO of the famous Ritz Club. Due to the fact that the perceived ideal candidate could emerge from a variety of backgrounds, it was agreed that in addition to executive search advertising in a prominent Sunday newspaper would add to the candidate pool.

The solution

psd was involved in all aspects of drafting the target long list and the advertising copy.  A detailed candidate briefing document ensured candidates were well prepared and that interviews could be in-depth and rigorous. Candidates were evaluated against an identical matrix of questions and the results shared with the client.

The results

The final shortlist had candidates from many business sectors but the successful candidate was offered the position nine weeks after the advertisement had appeared in the newspaper, proving the power of the Sunday media.


Business Sector: Hotel, Leisure & Travel
Specialist Practice: Hospitality & Retail Management