PSD has been working in partnership with both privately owned and PLC residential developers, affordable housing entities, registered social landlords and private sector operators for over 25 years, focusing on board, executive and management positions in the UK.

Our areas of expertise include development, land, planning, strategic, commercial, engineering and design, construction and project management, finance, sales and marketing and investment.

Recent assignments include: Chief Executive, Managing Director, Finance Director, Land Director, Development Director, Construction Director, Sales & Marketing Director, Head of Operations and Head of PRS.

Mark Dickinson| Anthology|
Credit where it’s due … all the team have done a great job on the two appointments to date and I look forward to including PSD in the mix for future roles.

Sector Experts

0161 234 0375 E-Mail
Mark Heald
Residential Development and Affordable Housing – UK
+442079709792 E-Mail
Elliot Course
Residential Development - UK
+442079709790 E-Mail
Daniel Bolton
Residential Development and Affordable Housing – UK
Shirley Hursthouse
Residential Development - UK
Managing Director
0207 970 9701 E-Mail
Peter Hardy
Fund Management, Private Equity, Banking, Development, Property Services, PRS & Affordable Housing
Associate Director
0207 970 9613 E-Mail
Richard Plaistowe