PSD has been working in partnership with market research organisations for over 25 years, focusing on board, executive and management positions in the UK and Europe.

Our Researchers operate alongside the Consultants to provide continual market insights within Professional Services. In doing this, we guarantee our recruitment process is well-aligned to the sector's trends. Research around clients and candidates, and their activity within the market, allows us to provide the most relevant and competitive service available. 

Our areas of expertise include business insight, analytics, customer research, quantitative and qualitative research, marketing, sales and HR, as well as technology, change management and finance. Through thoroughly understanding these details, we ensure our service is tailored to the market's demands. 

Recent assignments include: Head of Departments, Vice Presidents, Mapping Emerging Markets, Managing Directors, Partners in Management Consulting, Finance Directors and Director of Analytics.

CTO| Leading Insurance Broker|
I can honestly say I can’t think of much that could be improved. It was a great experience. I was so impressed I’ve now hired PSD to hire my top team.

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