PSD recruits board, management and executive professionals for the Oil & Gas sectors.

Our Oil and Gas team recruit for senior and niche roles in the fields of subsea technology, field development, drilling operations, production optimisation and data management, as well as for consultancies and project controls.

We work across the Oil and Gas sector, including design, engineering, exploration, production and well engineering, geoscience, petro physics and reservoir engineering.

The positions we recruit for include board appointments, geoscientist and petro physicist roles project control and management, drill and well supervision, business development, senior engineering, procurement management, technology, operational leadership, finance and HR.

General Manager - Exploration| Tullow Oil|
In our search for geoscientists, we have had first class input. To date, I have no areas which I consider need to change from the current model, and am very hopeful that the relationship will continue to lead to the identification of further high calibre technical candidates.

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Richard Coleman
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