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Operational Risk Event - Power Of Key Risk Indicators - October 2017

Key Risk Indicators can be a very powerful tool. The trick is to dedicate the thought and effort to designing the right metric, rather than focusing on the definitions of what is leading vs lagging, cause vs effect, control vs risk vs performance.

PSD Autumn Infocus

Welcome to the latest edition of PSD InFocus. This edition offers our usual eclectic mix of interesting topics by interesting people which we hope you will find enjoyable and enlightening. There is a definite theme to these articles, rethinking our approach to talent acquisition.

PSD Group Retains IIP Gold

PSD is delighted to announce that following its recent reassessment for the Investors in People Standard we have retained our prestigious Gold Award.

Hospitality Infocus - Summer 2017

Think South American food and succulent grilled meats, ceviche and quinoa based salads spring to mind.

Private Rented Sector – Investment Class

In the majority of Western economies PRS is an established investment sector but not in Britain, where long-term renting is still perceived as unusual. People in the UK like the idea of owning their own home and there are even the few who dabble with the idea of owning more than one home.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a wide topic that’s been evolving for years, so we’ll just keep things light and terminology simple for the sake of sanity - after all - we’re not robots.

Banking And FS Forum June 2017

We are delighted to be partnering with GD Financial Markets and the Institute of Risk Management for our next Banking and Financial Services Forum titled “Good culture and good conduct - which comes first?”

Charity Update June 2017

At PSD, we enjoy coming together to raise money for our nominated charities. Over the years various members of staff enthusiastically collaborate to arrange an exciting diversity of events and 2017 has been no different, with many fundraising events taking place in our offices across the country.

Sports Podge 2017

Sports Podge celebrated their 12th anniversary on Friday 5th May. Over the past 4 years PSD has proudly supported Sport Podge. Kit Taylor, Director of PSD Sport talks about the unique lunch dedicated to the passion and personalities of sport.

Procurement Salary Survey Report 2017

Are you paying your staff a competitive salary? Are your company benefits in line with industry trends? What could you earn as a Procurement or Supply Chain professional?