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Rise Of The Chief Neurodiversity Officer

As you probably know, Directors and Partners in big-4 consultancies don’t have dyslexia. I must have caught mine from my children, I’m sure that must be the case. I certainly can’t have had it during education – none of my teachers mentioned it, although it would explain the rather bumpy ride I had at times.

The Power of Engagement

When you walk through the doors of a business establishment of any kind you get a feeling, a vibe, from the people who work there. Are they happy to be there? Excited? Switched on? Energized? Genuine in their interactions with you and each other? Or are they the opposite? Think about how that difference makes you – the customer – feel. Now think about your own business through this same lens – how do your employees, and your customers, feel?

The Talent Dating Game For Retail Banks

Retaining talented employees has never been harder especially in the retail banking sector. Peru Principal Consultant, Ashley Pick and Head of PSD Banking and Financial Services, Gail Danvers, look at how retail banks can address the skills gaps they face and become the employer of choice.

Operational Risk Salary Report 2018

What could you earn as an Operational Risk professional? Are you paying your staff a competitive salary? The 2018 PSD Operational Risk Salary Report, in partnership with the Institute of Operational Risk Management, reveals salaries, benefits and trends, and looks at the current recruitment landscape within Operational Risk.

Hospitality Infocus Summer 2018

Welcome to the 2018 summer edition of PSD’s Hospitality InFocus, in which we share some topical pieces for your review.

Have We Mastered the Operational Risk Management Side of Change

Change Management is one of the 11 key principles mandated by the Basel Committee for the sound management of operational risk. The subject is of particular importance now, in the age of regulation, when so much change is driven by the new regulatory requirements. Gail Danvers, Director at PSD and specialist in Risk and Governance executive recruitment, recently hosted a workshop to explore the operational risk management side of change.

Property and Construction Market Review - July 2018

The world of Property & Construction has undergone a significant change in the way it operates in recent years. The strict lines between specialisations are disappearing, whilst organisations become much more fluid in what they do. Peter Hardy, Managing Director at PSD, reviews the Property & Construction sector’s performance in the first half of 2018 and looks at the trends that are creating a shift in the Property & Construction landscape.

HR InFocus - Summer 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of the PSD HR InFocus, in which we offer a number of very interesting pieces focusing on diversity, engagement and mental well-being.

Caterer Digital Summit 2018

PSD’s Rod Larman attended this year’s Digital Summit where the focus was to explore the technology and visionary thinking that could improve the guest experience and drive business growth in the hospitality sector.

How to enable Mental Difference to drive business productivity

Colin Minto is a Talent Attraction, Retention, Mental Wellbeing and Culture Change specialist. He has become a trusted advisor for global complex businesses in transforming their resourcing and digital attraction strategies. Here he opens up about his own mental health experience, and demonstrates his step by step approach on how organisations can embrace and leverage mental difference to drive business productivity.