Our values have helped us build a culture which attracts and retains some of the best recruitment consultants in the industry.

PSD is a values based organisation. We have defined a set of ideas and values that provide us with a more cohesive sense of who we are and what we want to be. Our values help to clarify what is expected and what you can expect.

Partners - Kit Taylor

Kit Taylor"Working in Partnership with Clients, Candidates and Colleagues is a core value of the PSD Group.
From a Client perspective, every assignment undertaken is bespoke and structured around the individual project. In addition to ensuring the effective delivery of a recruitment solution, we strive to consistently strengthen our working relationships through providing additional expertise and specialist sector knowledge such as market intelligence and salary benchmarking.
Delivering a highly personalised, seamless and engaging candidate experience is also a key focus of our partnership ideals and I find it hugely personally rewarding to receive so much positive feedback from Candidates irrespective of outcome.
Working in partnership with other sector specialist experts within PSD has enabled me to significantly grow the PSD Sport Practice on a global basis. With many Clients wanting to attract talent from different sectors, working in tandem with colleagues across PSD has enabled myself and my team to introduce some outstanding individuals to a wide range of sporting organisations.”

Accessible - Gail Danvers

Gail Danvers 1 "In order to be successful in my career, it is essential for me to be accessible to both my clients and candidates. At PSD we pride ourselves on our consultative approach and specific market knowledge, and in order to truly understand the needs of our clients and candidates, we need to be totally accessible, ensuring we are prepared to make ourselves available at a time that suits them. This might mean interviewing in the evenings, taking Skype calls, or travelling further afield.

I appreciate how PSD has given me the platform to allow me to be as accessible as possible. I have the opportunity to organise forums and events for my clients, and I often have the opportunity to speak at events. I feel that I can truly develop the senior level relationships needed to continue to build my business and therefore my career.”

Open Minded - Tom Maher

Values:Open-minded "Having worked in PSD's Technology practice for the past 6 years, I understand how the market is constantly changing. This means I need to embrace new ideas and ways of working that will ensure I gain a competitive advantage. The emergence of social media and the digitalisation of the recruitment industry is a perfect example of this.

Remaining open-minded to new ways of sourcing talent for my clients not only proves my expertise in my respective market but shows that I will go the extra mile to ensure the best service for my client. If my clients feel that I am open-minded then we are more likely to have an open and honest dialogue which is crucial in building lasting relationships.

I work with like-minded individuals at PSD who are also open-minded. This provides me with an opportunity to bounce ideas off consultants across a variety of different sectors and verticals to improve the way I work and grow as a consultant. It is a value that has created a working environment that freely promotes new ideas and has helped me personally build long lasting relationships both internally and externally.”

Adaptable - Mur Snook

Values:Adaptable "At PSD there is no set fixed way of doing business. We discuss our clients' needs and requirements' and adapt our service for each recruitment assignment. This has given me the opportunity to adapt my role too, knowing that I am giving my clients the best possible service. At any one time I could be working on a number of executive or retained searches whilst combining this with high quality contingency recruitment. I enjoy this variation within my role.

PSD has allowed me to adapt my career too. They supported my transition from an operational role into a fee earning role, allowing me the time to build up my business. I have benefited from flexible working hours which allowed me to balance both my work and life commitments.

There is a mutual understanding of the long term needs of employees and the business, as well as the short term. Without this focus neither I nor the business would be able to adapt to the ever evolving recruitment industry.”