Hilton Hotel, Manchester

Highlights from the recent Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester.

PSD's Lesley Reynolds and Hayley Lock attended the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester on 11th and 12th of October.

The mood was positive and the economic overview delivered by Trevor Williams was decidedly upbeat. If his view is correct the prospects for 2018 are good!

Hashi MohamedHashi Mohamed delivered an excellent closing keynote speech on social mobility. Hashi arrived as a migrant in the UK from Kenya in 1993, he attended Oxford University and is now a barrister. If you haven't read about Hashi's story, it won't be as moving as hearing it in person, but it's worth reflecting on, click the link below for a the BBC Adventures on Mobility show featuring Hashi:


Thank you to the Annual Hotel Conference for another engaging event.

 Publication Date: 24/10/2017