Institute of Risk Management

Gail Danvers, Director at PSD was invited by Nicola Crawford, Chair of the Institute of Risk Management, to attend a roundtable discussion on gender diversity.

A selection of senior risk professionals from different sectors and countries joined to discuss whether there is a gender diversity issue in the risk management profession, and whether it has an impact on risk management outcomes.  

Hosted by Old Mutual Wealth Management, the topic created a lively debate with varying opinions based on the views and experiences of the attendees.  Gail was able to provide the recruitment perspective, with her experience of clients having differing expectations towards gender diversity and how this can influence the recruitment process.  While some companies don't acknowledge the gender diversity issue, many banks do and request 50/50 gender diversification in shortlists for senior hires. 

All participants were in agreement that having a diverse workforce is good for business, and that effective risk management requires effective challenge which can only be achieved by varied opinions and perspectives which comes with diversity and inclusion.  

If you would like to discuss hiring plans or are considering a career move, please get in touch with Gail using the contact details to the right.

 Publication Date: 09/03/2018