Olympia, London

PSD’s Emma Fox and Peter Rainbow attend the February Business Travel Show and Travel Technology Europe Show at the Olympia London venue in Kensington.

The interactive 3 day event was hosted by American Express with various other global brand sponsors across areas such as travel technology, payments, airline operators and accommodation & transportation.

There were seminars and conferences across different key areas of the travel & technology sector, including GDPR which is highly relevant to a number of our key project areas at PSD. After one such seminar we had the opportunity to discuss GDPR principles with a Subject Matter Expert within the travel industry.

We also met with several key figure heads to discuss common trends and future predictions, which will involve potential disruptors where hiring strategy road maps will need to be implemented.

We particularly enjoyed the American Express robot who welcomed everybody on arrival, and would like to say a big thank you to Aeroflot for the complimentary sandwiches and Russian treats, and to Travelport for the wonderful (and rather large) G&T's.  Perhaps next year we will see all three combined - a robot greeting us on arrival, holding a G&T and sandwich! 

Business Travel Show 2018

We are very much looking forward to the next event, and can't wait to see what developments we will see in this ever-changing industry.   

If you would like to discuss hiring plans or are considering a career move, please do get in touch with either Emma Fox or Peter Rainbow.


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 Publication Date: 05/03/2018