In July, PSD London and Access Sport hosted the “Access Sport Schools BMX Challenge” event at the BMX velodrome at the Olympic Park in London.

BMX Kids Race StartBMX RayWith an early 9am start, our volunteers arrived at a deserted Olympic Park to meet their teams. With 10 schools present, our team of volunteers was there to make sure the event ran smoothly and the fun soon began. Our volunteers were pleased to get a chance to sample the sport, remarking how difficult it is when incredible coordination skills, guts and determination are required. It was a truly adventurous day, with many spills, cut knees and scrapes, but this was all rewarded with an awards ceremony held in the sunshine where the children being awarded with medals.

Ray Murphy: “My team were plucky, polite and very determined! I was very impressed with their tenacity; they got up and fought time and time again.The sport is showing and teaching kids discipline, team work and that resilience pays off. It was a cracking day and my admiration for the kids is immense. I would urge others to support our charity as much as you can.”

Dominic Rushby: “I was very impressed by the organisation and enthusiasm shown by the Access Sport staff. Overall it was a great day with kids who wanted to engage”