Corporate Social Responsibility is a widely used phrase and means different things to different groups of people.

PSD seeks to manage and conduct its recruitment consultancy business in such a way that it has a positive impact on society. Our values provide a framework for all that we do.

Our values are

  • Open-Minded
  • Adaptable
  • Committed
  • Accessible
  • Successful
  • Partners

PSD operates in a global marketplace and has operations in different countries. Each has its own customs, laws and cultural sensitivities.

We seek to respect the culture and laws of all the countries in which we operate and treat clients and candidates fairly in all respects irrespective of age, colour, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, nationality, disability or ethnic origin.

PSD's processes and procedures have received the ISO 9001 (or its equivalent predecessor standards) accreditation consistently since 1997.

The company is committed to an equal opportunities policy for all and to developing and training all its staff irrespective of their function, location and experience.

PSD has been a recognised Investor in People since March 1996 and achieved Gold status in July 2014. During our recent assessment we were commended by our assessor, describing us as an "exemplar organisation with great people management practices" and commending PSD for having "engendered genuine loyalty and affection from staff".


PSD recognises its responsibilities and gives due consideration to the possible effects of its activities on the environment. PSD's activities have a minor effect on the environment. However, it is the PSD's aim to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to the following principles to ensure the business operates in an environmentally sensitive manner

  • Encouraging the re-use and recycling of products
  • Ensuring efficient use of materials and energy
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly materials where appropriate.

PSD is working towards attaining ISO 4001 accreditation for environmental management.

PSD in the Community

The Group plays an active part in the community where its employees live and work. Across the organisation, our staff are actively involved in supporting a range of charities.

PSD was first awarded the Payroll Giving Platinum Award by the Charities Aid Foundation in 2014. PSD has been awarded the Platinum Award for a 2nd consecutive year in June 2015. This award is in recognition of our support for our chosen charities, Kids Company (London), Cash For Kids (Manchester) and Chestnut Tree House (Haywards Heath). 

To be awarded the Platinum Award this year we needed to achieve an overall increase in the value of donations or number of donors on previous years and over 20% of employees to contribute to the payroll giving scheme - in fact 30% of PSD employees participate in the scheme. PSD are required to match all staff donations and cover the administration charges for the scheme, which we do. We also give staff one days paid leave each year to do volunteering work in one of our charities.

Recent news from our charitable activities


Colour a Child's Life

PSD sponsor Kids Company and have an ongoing commitment to the charity. A number of PSD staff regularly volunteer as part of the charity's Colour a Child's Life scheme, helping to transform the living conditions of vulnerable families living in some of London's most disadvantaged areas.


Christmas Auction

Our Christmas party auction raised £10,155 for charity.


Charity cycle ride success

Lesley Reynolds completed a 350km charity cycle ride in Vietnam and Cambodia, raising £15,000.

Christmas party auction

Our Christmas party auction, raising £3,785.

Bake sale

A bake sale in our London office raised £170.

Wii Sports day

Our London Wii players raised £448. 

Midnight Walk

Zoë Child took part in a 10 Mile Midnight Walk, raising £470.


Charity days

PSD staff in Manchester volunteered at the Key 103 Radio station to raise money for a mobile scanning unit for terminally ill children.  With PSD's support Cash for Kids raised over £100,000.

Jubilee fundraising

At a Jubilee Fun day and zip wire event PSD staff in Manchester raising over £1,000.

Investors in People|
PSD has exhibited an exceptional drive to improve its performance through motivating its people. There is a strong culture of engagement and genuine empowerment that people feel was often missing from their previous employers.